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Plantation shutters were originally designed as an external window covering for hot climates. Now they are used internally because they offer versatility in light, ventilation and privacy simply not possible with curtains or blinds.

Interior shutters with adjustable louvers can be designed in many different styles and come in a large range of louver sizes and colours. Shutters come in many different material and price options, the quality of our lowest price shutter (Seattle) is actually as good as the premium Carolina Range, it is lower priced because of the material used and finishing required.

  • Seattle

    An engineered product comprising of the best off-cut timber, which is bound and laminated with epoxy to form a light, durable lumbar core in a choice of five extremely durable white finishes. Maintenance free and very strong, with a wipe clean surface, this range is popular for its budget price but premium looks.

  • Georgia

    The Georgia Shutter, technically at the pinnacle of shutter design. Engineered frames and ABS louvres finished in an etched PP coating then sprayed in presently 28 different colour choices including a selection of popular F & B Colours. The Georgia is simply a stunning shutter at a surprisingly low price.

  • Boston

    The Boston Shutter, crafted from solid Basswood the Boston Shutter is a very competitively priced hardwood shutter. Constructed with mortice and tenon joints to prevent warping and ensure prolonged quality and durability. Available in five shades a truely Low priced, high quality product.

  • Hollywood

    Bathroom shutter ideal for harsh environments such as wet rooms, or showers, anywhere really that needs a tough but good looking window treatment that will last. The closed-cell composite technology ensures superior strength, stiffness and wont warp, dent or chip.

  • Phoenix

    Although a hardwood it is also very light enabling us to confidently use Phoenix for large tier on tier installations where weight would definitely preclude the use of Seattle or similar weight shutter panels. The almost white timber stains to match most timbers accurately whilst retaining its oak like grain.

  • Carolina

    Constructed in FSC White Teak a very robust and high quality hardwood, with an engineered core to prevent any possibility of warping. This top end shutter is available in any shape, paint colour and a large selection of stains and with motorised options too, this range tops the bill.


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